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Sutton County UWCD




It is the Mission of the Sutton County Underground Water Conservation District to preserve and optimize our groundwater resources for the use by current and future residents of the District.




The Sonora Economic Development Corporation (SEDC) teamed up with the Sutton County Underground Water Conservation District (District) to plug an abandoned well in the town’s city limits. The SEDC purchased the tract of land on U.S. Highway 277 North, located between the Sonic and local deer processing plant. A windmill, which was thought to be decorative, was removed and lead to the discovery of the abandoned well. Recognizing the risk the abandoned well might have to the public and the groundwater, the SEDC reached out to the District for assistance. The District agreed to pay 50% up to $1500 for plugging expenses to ensure proper state plugging guidelines were followed and to stop the threat of contamination to the local water source.

It is the duty of the District to conserve, preserve, and protect the aquifer, as well as prevent waste of the groundwater resources within Sutton County. This well was of great concern because it was located within the city limits, in close proximity to a busy highway and the City of Sonora’s water wells. The potential of exposure to heavy traffic presented a high risk of disturbance from the general public, and because of its deteriorating state could be dangerous to the community. These factors increased the risk of contamination to the aquifer, and thus the District saw the opportunity to work with the SEDC and plug the well in the proper manner.

All abandoned and/or deteriorated wells not only serve as conduits for contamination to reach groundwater, but these wells can also be hazardous to humans and animal life. The Sutton County UWCD would like to encourage you to plug any abandoned wells located on your property in the appropriate manner according to state guidelines. For any questions on abandoned water wells or contamination issues, please contact the Sutton County UWCD office at 325-387-2369.