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SUTUWCD Services

Borehole Camera
SUTUWCD provides cameraing services for Sutton Co. citizens. The District's borehole camera system provides information to well owners such as obstructions in the borehole. In order to use the system a well must be clear of obstacles, so any pump or wires will have to be pulled before the camera could be used. If you have a well that has been unused on your property that does not have a well report and you would like to know how deep the well is and/or where the screens are, a district employee will come out and inspect your well for you as well as provide a video report of the inspection.

If you would like schedule a video inspection of your well, contact Meredith Allen at [email protected]. The use of the camera is a free
service offered by the District, however, any costs associated with removing and reinstalling a pump are the responsibility of the well owner.


Flow Meter

Water Level Measuring