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Sutton County Underground Water Conservation District - Homepage


  • Web Site Photos 019 (Medium).0IY18
    Old Reliable
  • Drought Index Well.9T1EK
    Drought Index Well, on the Dry Devil's River. It has been monitored by sensor since February 2013
  • Web Site Photos 020 (Medium).JUKIM
    Downloading water level data from an In-Situ sensor.
  • DIW Screenshot for website.MAELO
    InSitu sensor graph of water level measurements for the Drought Index Well for 4/21-5/21, 2014.
  • DIW line plot with trendline.MGH40
    Drought Index Well graph with a trend line added.
  • City Well screenshot w-axis labels.DN9K0
    InSitu sensor graph of measurements from City Well #3 for 12/28/2013-3/15/2014.
  • Web Site Photos 022 (Medium).YSCME
    Checking the water level with an E-Line (electric) device
  • Web Site Photos 028 (Medium).N64PI
    TWDB Monitored Well via Telemetry, Brockman Ranch
  • Web Site Photos 018 (Medium).IL0SY
    Downloading data from an automatic rain guage.
  • Web Site Photos 007 (Medium).76NXJ
    Setting up to video record a well on the Ross ranch
  • Downhole camera for website 002.HIJJA
    Downhole camera, partially assembled, lying in open case.
  • Lab for website full 001.SLBXA
    Water District Laboratory at the office in Sonora.