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Sutton County Underground Water Conservation District - Homepage


  • Lab for Website8-7-14.XAFJ4
    North wall of the lab, used for water sample analysis.
  • Lab website 002.6KO9S
    Fume hood, South wall of lab. Used for processing dye study charcoal samples.
  • Some Dye Study Equipment .ITNN2
    Some of the equipment used for the dye study--charcoal packet and faucet fitting, lab supplies.
  • Web Site Photos 008 (Medium).MV376
    Annual SISD 6th grade field trip to the Sawyer ranch-2010/Water Bingo
  • Web Site Photos 012 (Medium).3L0A8
    Example of a recharge well.
  • Web Site Photos 013 (Medium).L6PKP
    Another recharge well.
  • Web Site Photos (Medium).RA0GW
    Now for the good news, 4-15-10 was also recharge day
  • Web Site Photos 002 groundwater RoadCut 32310.6WTQK
    Groundwater coming from fissures in a road cut.
  • Web Site Photos 024 (Medium).DARFE
    Deep within the Caverns of Sonora, a fault line runs SW to NE
  • Web Site Photos 023 (Medium).KTT5X
    Science project that shows how rapidly water can enter the recharge zone
  • Web Site Photos 025 (Medium).5CR9A
    Pecan Springs, Eastern Sutton Co.
  • Web Site Photos 027 (Medium).5TCV9
    North Llano, S.E. Sutton Co.